Quickstart Checklist


▢ Zyia name & rep website
▢ Create online party ini back office
▢ Set up customer services support portal

First 48 Hours

▢ VIP group / instagram
▢ Explore team page / resources


▢  Announce on FB & Invite 
▢  Access sample party here
▢  Use your $100 gift card

Week Two

Set Goals

▢ Schedule call with sponsor
▢ Make sure Google Form is filled out

Week One

Run Launch Party

▢ Run online or in person
▢ Book parties off of launch party


Back Office

The great thing about enrolling with Zyia Active, the minute you complete your enrollment, your site is up and you’re ready to start selling! Your rep website is immediately available and accessible by using the following address: myzyia.com/YOURREPID#. But that isn’t a very fun or unique name - so let’s customize and personalize your site!


Go to: www.myzyia.com and login with your provided username and password. Once logged in, click the PROFILE tab — then the MY WEBSITE INFORMATION tab — then, click PERSONALIZE. Here you can customize your own Zyia rep website and update that address!

Personally, I selected a name for my rep site that I could use for all my Zyia accounts. For example, my website is myzyia.com/zyialeah, my Facebook is /leah0brien, my Instagram is @leah0brien and my email is zyialeahr@gmail.com.

Pick a name that represents you! You can also upload a photo of yourself, post a welcome message and link your social media accounts here once you have them set up!


Learn where to find your numbers and how to access your business tools. You’ll also want to learn how to open and close events in your back office. Here are some tutorials to watch with step-by-step directions.




Service Support

This is a universal tool for submitting support tickets for any customer service related issues or questions. Click the button below to set up your Zyia Active Customer Service Support Portal. Then, click ‘Sign up with us’ to complete your profile. 


Click Here to set up



I recommend setting up a closed Facebook Group (VIP Group) - for a VIP shopping. Keep in mind that any sales or promotions you personally offer to your customers must be done in a closed or private group setting, so this type of group offers a platform for those types of offers. If you have Instagram, great!! I don’t think it is necessary to create a separate business page, but that is completely up to you!! 


ZYIA Active — Corporate Facebook Page
ZYIA Active Year to Shine — Corporate Facebook Group


@zyiaactive — This is the public, corporate Instagram account. You’ll want to check this account for Wednesday product launch info, photos and more. You can also screen shot images shared to this page for use on your own Instagram/Facebook account. Just be sure to tag the model and photographer!

@zyiafamily — This is the closed, corporate Instagram account - accessible ONLY to ZYIA Active reps. Once your Instagram account is setup, be sure to request to follow this page. You’ll want to check this account for sizing info, product videos, company promos and more. Also, be sure to check out the stories posted on Wednesdays for in-depth product and sizing reviews.

@leah0brien —This is my business Instagram page! I would love for you to follow me. 

Youtube ACCOUNTS TO Subscribe to

*Remember: Launch Days are EVERY Wednesday at 1PM EST. Check the @zyiaactive Instagram page for images of the new product releases. For sizing reviews, check the @zyiafamily Instagram page and click on stories. Your rep website will also update with all new products available for purchase. All products and reviews are posted at launch time. In addition to these platforms, you will also receive an email from corporate with product specifics, but e-mail receipt times vary, so check the corporate Instagram pages first!  



zyia marketing designs

This group is filled with marketing materials, real life photos and documents to help run your business.

Impact & Flourish

This is a private group available only to our team members, and is an amazing resource for support and accountability. This page is also a great place to get feedback, post questions, participate in incentives, etc. This is not a place to be shy, this is your page, just as much as anyone elses! Don’t be shy ;)

Join Now

Join Now

Launch Party

Schedule Your

This can be in person or online...or I recommend doing BOTH! Tell your family, friends and followers about your new adventure with a Zyia and the opening of your new business! Spread the word and get yourself out there! 

A great way to get this started is by creating your list of 100 Names (insert PDF). Make sure to hold on to his list, it is part of the magic!

If you plan to do your Launch party online - here is a Sample Party we recently did. Need an organized recap? Here's an outline!

& Invite


Now that you’ve scheduled your launch party, you can announce your new business venture! A great way to do this is by posting on social media, texting or emailing friends and family about your new business. 

So excited to announce that I’m now an official Independent Rep for ZYIA Active!! The company launched in February 2017 and I’m pretty much obsessed with every bit of it!! The style, the quality, the fit...it’s the BEST! I love what this company represents and I’m excited to share this clothing line with you!

Follow me on social media here: Facebook: Join my VIP Group - Instagram: @leah0brien + SHOP the line here: https://myzyia.com/ZYIALEAH/shop

To kick off my new activewear business, I will be hosting a launch party on ______________ - comment below to be added to my online shopping event! For local friends and family, my in-person launch party will be on _____________ @_______________.  Thank you for your support!!

Here is an example of what I shared when I originally enrolled with Zyia Active:

Use Your $100 Gift Card

There are a couple different ways to do this. Here is a tutorial that walks you through (2) options for redeeming your Starter Kit gift card.

Run Your First Launch Party

Day Before

Welcome post/ shopping link, size guides, party starts tomorrow live (introduce yourself and give a rundown of what to expect)

Day One

Party Starts Today

-3-5 posts am (bras)
-3-5 posts pm (tanks)
(live showing your favs *optional)

Day Two


-3-5 posts am (crop, 7/8, leggings)
-3-5 posts pm (joggers)

Day Three

New Releases/T shirts, Long sleeves

-shirts in the am
-new releases in afternoon, can recap in evening

Day Four

Last day to party!

-post options of being a host
-Party poll

Day Five

Go live thanking everyone, offering opportunity to be in VIP group.

Printable Resources

Download Checklists, Daily tasks, and more 


Set your weekly + monthly goals

Personal Volume (PV) = Sales

$250 weekly
▸ Equals $1,000/month and 8% extra commission

$2,500 monthly
▸ Minimum goal for every month

Events + Parties

Take one day at a time! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we look at how far we think we have to go. But if we are doing the daily things everyday, it adds up - making weekly and monthly goals very obtainable. 

Review Zyia Comp Plan and Set Goals

(1) per week -or- (4) per month
▸ Pop-up at local gym
▸ Health & fitness expo
▸ Party collaboration with friends 
▸ Sip & shop with community business
▸ Joint events with other Direct Sales reps

Relationship Building

Have a goal to be interacting with the same 20-30 people each week!

**these should be individuals you want to interact with, like moms who stay home, or gym owners, or women into fitness postpartum-people you can relate to! This can be business and non-business related. When you have meaningful conversations with people you are building your “know, like, trust” factor. If you have questions on this, let me or your sponsor know!

▸ Recruiting New Business Partners
▸ Potential Hosts


(1) business partner per month
▸ Add at least one new team member each month