Hydrogen Water

Did you know that you are mostly made up of water?

Proper hydration is SO important! Adequate intake of clean water cleanses and nourishes your cells.  

Your blood is 92% water, your brain is 75% water, and your muscles are 75% water. 

The name of the machine I share about on IG is called Kangen -- it's a medical grade, in-home water ionizing machine that produces antioxidant-rich, alkaline, molecular hydrogen water!

It is a must have for anyone healing and/or interested in future disease prevention.


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 The water is reshaped and restructured through the process of electrolysis and this shape and structure matches our cells (and that found in nature, which is why it's called LIVING water). This is why the water is able to get into the cells so much quicker than tap water and be put to use immediately…… Ultra Hydration!

The machine is MEDICAL GRADE and lasts up to 25 years! It’s used in hospitals all over Japan and now in many other locations! 
Two glasses of Kangen water is all it takes to reach the antioxidant level of 5 pounds of blueberries! Can you imagine drinking this everyday throughout the day? 

The cost

The cost of the machine before taxes (depending on your state tax) is $4,980 and it lasts 25 years. There are many payment plans available between 3 - 24 months -- A 2 gallon case of water costs approximately $16.48. If your family drinks a lot of water, you go through a case in a day or two! For one year that is costing you $6,015.20, in 25 years you’d have paid $150, 380 that you’ve spent on water! This machine produces the healthiest, most hydrating + healing water you can find. 

Our family uses the water as our cleaning products, laundry detergent, cleaning our fruits and veggies, for our skin....the uses are endless, and by replacing our household products we SAVE monthly!

If you'd like to chat further or get set up with a machine, send me a message! I'll be your personal water coach + guide!

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