You can sign up using this link:

The starter kit costs $295 and with that comes 5 pieces of Zyia in your size along with business tools and a $100 gift card.

Yes, Zyia is a Multi-level Marketing company, meaning the earnings of the participants is a derived binary compensation commission system.

No! You can make commission off of your own sales along with the sales of your customers.

You are not required to carry any inventory. Again this is your business and you are free to run is any way that you choose, which can include stocking inventory or not. That starter kit items along with the gift card allows you to carry a few pieces to show.

Absolutely! Let your rep know that you would like to just host and earn party rewards, and that you're not interested in joining the company opportunity.

You are able to host parties in whatever way is most compatible with your lifestyle! Most reps host parties virtually via social media (Facebook or Instagram) in addition to in-person.

Another option includes doing vendor shows.

New releases are sent via email, however the email does not come through right at 1pm EST when the items are releases.
Other quickest and easiest ways to see new releases are via:

1) @zyiafamily on instagram. They do item reviews right before items are released so you know how sizing is for each item.
2) Zyia Active on Facebook releases the new images on their page right at 1pm.
3) Your rep website under New & Favorites in the drop down menu. Items are uploaded to your rep website right at 1pm EST.

The company's projected growth over the next five years is forecasted to be $169 billion which is 48% growth compared to today.

We have one manufacturer in the United States and then the rest of Zyia is manufactured in China. Zyia has routine meetings and is in very close contact with China ensuring proper working conditions.

The amount of hours is whatever amount works for your life and what that allows for. The best piece of advice is to be intentional with the time you do have! You can be extremely successful working part-time hours.